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How to use the status
Whatsapp status allows you to share text, photos, videos and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. To send and receive status updates to and from your contacts, you and your contacts must save someone’s phone numbers in your phone address book.

Whatsapp status
Whatsapp status

Note: WhatsApp Coronavirus (COVID-19) is among the other services to reduce potential mobile network congestion during the pandemic. To help improve these mobile network bandwidth issues, you can reduce status updates to 30 to 15 seconds in selected areas.

To view or reply to a status update
To view the contact’s status update, click on the STATUS tab, and then update the status of the contact.
To respond to the status update of the contact, press the reply when viewing.
To create and send status updates
Click on the STATUS tab.

Text to write a written status update. You can press to add an emoji or a GIF, select a font or color to select a background color.
Camera or my status to take a photo, record a video or GIF, or select an existing photo, video or GIF from the picker.

You can add or edit a caption in a photo, video or GIF that you can learn in this article.
Press the pump.
Alternatively, you can create an image Earn Money On Apps , video or GIF status update by going to the Chats tab and pressing the camera.

To delete your status update
Click on the STATUS tab.
Press more according to my situation.
You have a few options:
Click the status showing on the mobile update you want to delete. And then press Delete> Delete.

Tap and hold the status showing on the mobile update you want to delete. If you want to delete all and multiple status updates in the bar, tap and hold each status update one by one. And then press Delete> Delete.
To forward your status update
Click on the STATUS tab.

Press more according to my situation.
You have a few options:
Press More than the Status Update you want to forward, and then press Forward.
Hold the status update that you want to forward. If you want to forward more than one status update, tap and hold each status update. Then press forward.
Search for individual chats or groups you want to forward.
Press the pump.

How to mute or unmute status of contact
To mute the status update of the contact
You can mute the status updates of a particular contact so that they no longer appear at the top of the STATUS tab.

Click on the STATUS tab.
Tap and hold your contact status update.
Press MUTE.
Unmute contact status update
Click on the STATUS tab.
Scroll down to the Muted Updates section.
Tap and hold your contact status update.
Press on UNMUTE.

How to save ‘WhatsApp Status’ images and videos from friends

WhatsApp returned the “Status” feature in February. It allows users to share photos, videos and GIFs that disappear automatically after 24 hours. This feature was initially called a “clone” of Snapchat stories by users and experts around the world. However, this feature is slowly becoming popular among consumers.

How to save ‘WhatsApp Status’ images and videos from friends
How to save ‘WhatsApp Status’ images and videos from friends

WhatsApp status updates are bad by nature. So, WhatsApp does not provide an “official” way to save these shares. Some users take screenshots to save image status, but how about video? The screenshot also failed to keep the image in the same quality as on WhatsApp. So what’s the best way to save the status quo? Let us know …

Save / Copy “Status” photo and video on WhatsApp
There are two ways to easily save WhatsApp status. The first method is to use a special application. However, if you occasionally need to save image locations, you can follow them manually. Both are detailed below:

Save status files manually (using File Manager)
WhatsApp locally saves the status file (photo / video) of the phone. But they disappear after 24 hours. So, all you can do is copy them from a temporary folder and store them in a safe place. Like:

Note: You need the File Manager app to do this. Most phones (such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Shiomi and OnePlus) have it installed by default. You may find yourself looking for an app called “File” or “File Manager”. If there are none (eg on Nokia Android phones), you can download and use Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer.

See the status you want to save. This creates a temporary copy of it in the phone storage.
Open your file manager app – Files, File Manager, Solid Explorer; e.t.c.
Enable “Show hidden files”.
You need to open your file manager’s settings and set the hidden files to show. Solid Explorer users can follow this guide to start hidden files.
Navigate to the WhatsApp folder – Internal Storage> WhatsApp> Media> .States.

Copy the photos/videos you want to save.
Paste them into a separate folder.
Just! Copied photos or videos will be stored forever. You can access them later by the opening where the folder is copied.

Save status files using a dedicated app

Save status files using a special app
You can avoid complications and rely on a 3rd party app to save your friend’s WhatsApp status. The app automatically collects the conditions you see and shows them in an organized way.

Open WhatsApp and see the status you need to save/download.
Open the Play Store on your Android – Status Saver and install. You can click on the following link to open it in your browser/play store.
Download Status Saver from the Play Store.

Because WhatsApp reads storage to collect status images.
Select the pictures or videos you want to save and tap on the Save icon ().
The pictures or videos you save are stored in your phone’s internal storage.
Just! You saved your friend’s WhatsApp status/article and it is kept forever.

whatsapp status-min
whatsapp status-min

All saved whatsapp status can be accessed within the app itself. If you need to approach the folder directly, you can open the File Manager app and browse to Internal Storage> Status Saver.

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