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Anyone who thinks web apps an internet app may be a better solution than a native desktop app is not conversant in either.Sounds like an excellent idea… For 1Password.LastPass has gone to **** the previous couple of versions, but this is often disappointing.

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🙁 1Pass is that the best manager anyway.Just got 1Password. I am glad.I had such a nasty experience with the online extension on any browser , good thing I switched for a far better one. This screams “Because we are lazy, and it’s less costly in development”I’ve been a long-time 1password user and recently rid myself of Chrome’s password storage.

My next challenge is to eliminate my keychain reliance and ensure everything is made into 1password so there’s no overlap (which frequently happens), and that i have full cross-platform compatibility.

1password is genuinely solid software and while many gawp at the worth , I personally
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haven’t any issue paying for quality software so it are often supported and managed accordingly.

Used LastPass for years before switching over to Bitwarden, which is open source and free. Much happier.
Does anyone not know that macs have a inbuilt password manager…

What if i exploit windows and Mac though?And want to store random secure notes, serial keys, non standard passwords for physical things?? It’s not feature rich enough to exchange a real password manager. I’m sticking with 1Password..They crazy?Why doesnt Apple just make iCloud Keychain more robust in terms of knowledge input?
LastPass is discontinuing its native Mac app and replacing it with a more universal web app New, 21 comments
It looks worse on Macs, but are going to be easier for the developer to take care of and share to site given below

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the first native LastPass Mac app
Password management app LastPass has announced it’ll be discontinuing its native macOS app on February 29th, directing users in an email to modify over to the new web-based version of the app which will replace it.

According to the web apps e-mail , LastPass is making the change to “provide the simplest experience for our customers,” citing changes made by Apple in Safari 12 in 2018, which were designed to push developers toward offering browser extensions through native Mac App Store apps rather than the soon to be deprecated Safari Extension Gallery. While other apps, like 1Password, updated to implement the new system with their native apps, LastPass has decided to only remove support for the old native app entirely.

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The new, web-based LastPass for Mac
To replace it, LastPass are going to be offering a replacement Mac app which will support the new extension system. However, rather than being a totally native piece of Apple software, it’ll be more of an internet app that’s “built with technologies shared with our other LastPass apps,” which the corporate says will make it easier to take care of its apps across multiple platforms.

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The downside is that the new app is web apps not any longer built with native Mac technologies, which suggests that it’s worse (especially compared to the old app, which slot in far better alongside other native Mac apps). It also lacks deeper macOS features, like system-wide hot keys, which is additionally disappointing.

Customers preferring the old Mac App Store version will theoretically be ready to use it, but after February 29th, the app “will not be supported or receive security updates.”

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