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pubg xbox update

PUBG Xbox update

pubg xbox update has been sifting PanzerFast in our Season 6 video from scratch, but we’ve finally put the boom tube in your hands! While a powerful AOE damage tool on the battlefield, there are some drawbacks to raising PanzerFast.

pubg xbox update
pubg xbox update

PUBG update Xbox maintenance schedule

First, it takes the primary weapons slot PUBG LITE PC, limiting its options over the different territories of the Karkin. The projectile travels very quickly but can be fooled by an attentive player. There is also a backblast area behind PanzerFast, so look for those squadmates Pubg Mobile Lite before you close it.

Karakin is unique
Found in extraordinary worldwide maps
Guaranteed to be in every airdrop PUBG Xbox update
The Panzerfirst warhead explodes on impact but also flies into mid-air
The radius of damage is 6 m from the impact point
Explosions can withstand short-range, splash damage through thin walls and objects
Corkin can be used to break down specific walls, much like an adhesive bomb.
Warhead explodes in the air before a bomb explodes or hits a bullet
One time use PUBG Xbox update
Once the warhead is removed, the Panzerfirst tube is discarded and not lifted again
Burning the warhead produces a backblast, so be careful!
Behind the backblast weapon, 3 will harm those within your zone
Be careful that you do not have a partner or the wall behind you will be closed. You have a warning PUBG Xbox update .

As we near the end of the season, we are also balancing a little on some weapons. Tommy Gun has been weak for a while, so we’re adding red dots and hollows and a focus slot to increase the damage, going from the M249 care package to normal exploitation, but doing a little more damage and a little more. Recovery is underway, and the UMP-45 9mm switch is a little hard to close, so we’re giving it some love. See below for all the changes.

PUBG server-status Xbox

Stronger and more versatile. Now you can add red dots and hollows to your Tommy.
The top train has been added to connect PUBG Xbox update the Red Dot and the Hollow site
The fire rate increased from 700 to 750
Increase firing accuracy
We reduced the bullet deviation penalty when firing for extended periods of time
Increasing accuracy
Reduction in firing over extended periods of time
This is due to the increase in the rate of fire

The protection has been removed from the package and added to the common exploit on all maps, with more attachments now, but harder to control and less damaging.
Added stock attachment slot
Weapons can be PUBG Xbox update equipped with tactical stock to improve stability
Added magazine attachment slot
The standard ammo capacity has been reduced to 75
Now has 150 with an expanded magazine
Reducing base bullet damage from 45 to 40
Increased repetition
Found on all maps
Semi-rare spawn

The increase in energy across PUBG Xbox updates the board makes UMP a more viable option for your arsenal.
Damage to the base bullet increased from 39 to 41
The fire rate increased from 650 to 670
Muzzle speed increased from 300 to 360
This means an increase in the speed at which the bullets release the barrel, making it a little easier to track a moving target.

Removed from the care package
Now rare maps have been found on all maps
Dev Note: Due to community feedback, we are changing some of our initial plans. The M249 is available PUBG Xbox update as an exceptional land exploit on all maps, even removed from the DBS Joe Care package.

With these remaining changes, the M249 and Tommy Gun models and firing sounds have been updated.

‘Console QOL: 1 Controller Fix’ in Preset A

In Preset A, when you have AIM / ADS, you keep your AIM / ADS even if you fall, jump, crouch, or perform likely actions.
Example) While holding ADS, you fall under a hill or building:
Before: You need to release the ADS button PUBG Xbox update and hold it again
Next: You will continue your announcement as soon as the fall action is over
Dev Note: After the 5.2 updates of ‘Console QOL: 1 Controller Improvement’, we received feedback to run earlier. Here we bring the preset A! Thank you for making good use of our updated features and hope that this expansion provides a fun gameplay experience.

Quality of life improvement

Improve the visibility of nearby objects on Earth by increasing the brightness effect and adding a new pulse effect
The new Pulse Effect can be disabled and listed as an “item flashing effect” under the gameplay settings

[Team Deathmatch] engaging in combat (throwing a weapon, throwing a grenade), etc. Invincibility is immediately eliminated.
[Team DeathMatch] Now Rich Presence Tells Your Xbox Friends When You Frog On TDM

An additional ringtone has been added for the adhesive bomb
10-15 m from the PUBG Xbox update Blue Zone. Loud noise can be heard inside.
This helps players identify when the Blue Zone is close
Survivor Pass: Shakedown

Survivor Pass Mission 3 Tracks Unlocked! New missions follow the explosive theme
The current session of both Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will conclude with EDT on April 24 at 5 p.m.
The countdown will be on the Survivor Pass Lobby banner notifying players of the pass expiration date, two weeks before the pass expires.
A pop-up message is displayed to customers who purchase a premium pass, alerting them to the time remaining at the end of the pass.

PUBG Xbox update maintenance schedule
PUBG Xbox update maintenance schedule

Premium passes and level-up items can be purchased until the expiration of the pass period
The results page will be shown on April 24 from 5 am to 28 April
Dev Note: Due to a previous mission unlocking issue we extended the Survivor Pass deadline to three days.

Positive match

Corkin is now available in custom matches
Added esports mode preset
Default is the preset
General BR settings with esports vehicle span
2020 Global Rule Settings
Please use the link below for more information about the 2020 esports ruleset. Please note that we only offer the English version. (2020 PUBG Esports Global Roulette en Ver.)
Erangel Classic is not available in custom matches
KillerSpectate Mode is now enabled for normal mode and esports mode for positive matches.
Different. Edit

Adhesive bombs can now be seen in training mode
Miramar was temporarily removed from regular matchmaking due to frequent game crashes on this map
Bug fixes


The problem of the position of the companion’s role is not synchronized with the observer’s performance under certain circumstances PUBG Xbox update
The sound of gunfire when sounding is a problem.

Error! Filename not specified.

Fixed an issue with map quality displayed in poor quality

Exactly the problem with the message ‘Death 3’ and not started on Team Deathmatch
The problem with the name Victory Dance 12 Emote is not properly demonstrated
Voice chat

The team does not address the issue with voice chat when the player returns to the lobby after the party has entered the lobby and the XBOX app settings screen.
Skin and elements

PlayerUnogn’s trench coat, problem-solving when wearing waist clip with coat
The problem with all the glass and mask items not shown when equipping the Golden Dragon traditional hat

The problem can be solved very loudly with the sound of blockzone sirens and explosions.
Survivor Pass Mission

Fix problem where you could complete the ‘Reach Top 10’ mission after killing with QBZ / AKM in some cases
The biggest change in the PUBG update is the 1.40, however, along with the cork in-specific PanzerFast weapon.

This is not a gun that will completely destroy the meta until it is completely broken, and the high powered weapon should bring some interesting interactions to the game’s latest maps. With all the environmental destruction on Karakin in particular, it makes sense to increase comfort along with guns that provide a big bang. Add to that the fact that Karakin is now a custom map option and there are plenty of rooms for friends to play with the newest methods.

 PUBG Xbox update maintenance schedule  today
PUBG Xbox update maintenance schedule today

At both ends of the spectrum, players can enjoy Tommy Gun and UMP fights, as well as stopping at 24249. Since the latter is split on gun dominance in the meta, this could be a very controversial balance change. In spite of some