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play store for Android users will now be able to install the app without having to visit the play store update while browsing through Google Now. After this play store app download feature, users will no longer need to visit the Play Store app and while they are in the Search app Will be able to install the application.

The play store update apps will show the application above the search results, along with an install button.
This feature has just been introduced into play console, you may not see a link to install the application in Google Chrome.

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Remove 7 Spying Apps on Play Store
they should not be on the Google Play Store. They could promote criminal behavior. Violent life partners could spy on their target. They said they rank such apps as stalkerware and detect such apps from and Google removes them from the Play Store.



Discover more than 2000e dangerous apps on the Play Store

A two-year study by Data61 of the University of Sydney and CSIRO has found that there are 2040 apps on the Google Play Store that are somehow dangerous. Many of these apps require suspicious permissions while many are malware. ۔

The research involved about one million apps. Many of these apps were fake, they did not have malware but wanted data transmission that they did not have.

They also included titles like Hill Climb Racing and Temple Run.
Experts used neural networks and machine learning to research over a million apps. If its algorithm was set to look at icons and descriptions similar to the most popular 10,000 apps, there were 49,608 expected threats in response.

Using Virus Total found that 7,246 apps were virus-infected and 2,040 fake and quite dangerous.

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In addition, 1,565 apps want 5 highly sensitive permissions, and 1,407 include a library for displaying third-party ads.

Experts mentioned in the research that Google did not remove from the Play Store. The Google team reports that their apps rejection rate has now increased to 55% from last year while the app suspension rate has risen to 66%.

Three Google applications crossed the milestone 

The Android Market was the name of the play store update download free when it was introduced. Google renamed it on March 6, 2012. After 26 months, Gmail became the first app to be downloaded 1 billion times.

Now some of Google’s other applications have surpassed even more impressive milestones. Three Google applications on the Play Store , Google app, YouTube and Google Maps, have been downloaded 5 billion times.

Video Streaming Application YouTube was the first application that crossed 5 billion downloads. Google Maps has since achieved this goal and now the Google app has been downloaded 5 billion times.

Technically speaking, four of Google’s applications have won 5 billion downloads. The fourth application is google play services itself, but it’s a system app that lets Android phones update Google-developed apps and apps from the Play Store.

YouTube, Google Maps and play store update download free are an integral part of all Android phones nowadays. Now they are pre-installed on all Android phones. ۔
All three of Google’s applications are also available on Apple’s App Store.

Google bans crypto currency apps on the Play Store

Google recently updated its policy, which has since banned many apps from the Google Store. These apps also include crypto currency mining apps.
Google announced in a blog post that Crypto Mining Apps has now been banned from the Play Store. However, apps that control remote crypto mining are still allowed on the PlayStore.

Crypto Minor will be removed from the Play Store soon.

Last month, Apple also banned cryptocurrency mining apps. Apple did not restrict apps that support cloud-based, such as cloud-based mining. The attitude of other social media platforms regarding crypto currency is also not friendly. In the past, Facebook has also banned the promotion of crypto currency on Facebook and Instagram.

In the year 2018, 113 billion apps were downloaded

According to preliminary estimates by applications analytics firm App Annie, 113 billion applications were downloaded this year, up 10 percent from last year. This year, consumers spent $ 76 billion on the purchase of applications, 20 percent more than in 2017. These statistics are from the December 15, 2018 data for the Google app and Apple App Store.

This year, an average smartphone user spent 3 hours a day using applications, up 10 percent from last year and 20 percent over 2016. The most common non-game app that was installed on the App and the google play services update was Facebook Messenger.

This was followed by Facebook and the WhatsApp number. The video application was ticked off by number four and Instagram for fifth.

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The top 5 games include Helix Jump, Subway Surfers, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Love Balls.
Netflix was the most successful app on the App Store and Play Store in terms of revenue. Then live Tinder, China’s Tencent Video, then IQIYI and then Pandora Music.

Experience showing search results to users in the Play Store in a new way. Now instead of a scrolling app list, you’ll see a card-style interface for each app, including screenshots of the app that will be in the original data entry. This card-style interface also scrolls But now users will be able to see 3 apps instead of 7 apps at a time.

In addition, the entry also does not contain three dots which would have the option of installing or adding the app to the list when taped. In this new interface, users will also be able to immediately see the number of downloads of the app.

Google is experimenting with a limited scale of this interface. It will be released to all users when positive feedback from users.