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play store update apps

play store update apps

play store update apps has also introduced 3 new Windows 10 Surface products with Surface Pane at its annual event. These devices are Surface Laptop 3, play store update and Surface Pro X.

Their details are as followThe Surface Laptop 3’s design is somewhat similar to its predecessor. The device also has a USB-C port, which can be used for data transfer as well as charging in google play games.

has Microsoft’s proprietary charging connector. It can charge the device by up to 80% in less than an hour while its battery life is up to one day.
play store update download free is offered in two sizes 13.5 and 15 inches to play store free download.

Both have Aspect Ratio 3: 2, but only 13 inch model has Intel’s 10th generation quad-core processor.
The 15-inch model features AMD’s new Ryzen mobile chip.

play store update apps

The 13-inch version of this laptop has a starting price of $ 999 and a 15-inch model priced at $ 1199. The Core i5V8GB / 256GB model is priced at $ 1299, the Core iCon 16GB / 256GB. The model is priced at $ 1599 and the Core iCone 16GB / 512GB model costs $ 1999.


play store update apps also has a Surfaces pane for USB and Word editing with google play.
Handwriting recognition feature is also included in this package. Only Surface Pro 6 hardware has been upgraded in Surface Pro 7. It has Intel’s latest mobile processor, a 12.3-inch screen and a 3: 2 aspect ratio.

Its Core i4GB / 128 model is priced at $ 749, the Core i8o8GB / 128GB model costs $ 899, the Core iDrive 8GB / 256GB model costs $ 1199, the Core ivy 16 The GB / 256GB model is priced at $ 1399, the Core iCon 16GB / 256GB model costs $ 1499 and the Core iCon 16GB / 1TB model costs $ 2299.
The sale begins October 22.

Like google play refund, the Surface Pro X is a great tablet device with a detachable keyboard but it has a custom Qualcomm chip set, the Surface MySQL 1, so it is not an entry-level device like the Surface ART or Surface 2.
With a thin bezel, it has a 13-inch display but is similar to the Chasez Regular Surface Pro.

The new Surface Slim Styles have also been offered for sale. The device weighs 800 grams and is 5.3 mm thick. This device also has a USB-C connector. The sale begins November 5. It has a starting price of $ 999.
Sources have told The Wall Street Journal that Google is interested in buying the TickTalk competition app fireworks.

Sources say no contract has been finalized in this regard, nor has the application been priced.
The Wall Street Journal wrote that the current cost of fireworks could be $ 100 million. The application was created by former heads of Snap, LinkedIn and JP Morgan.

This application is an increasingly popular application tick competition application.
From this year, the number of monthly active users of TuckTalk is more than one billion, but the number of users of fireworks is not yet known. The company says billions of people use the app.

Up to 30 seconds of video can be uploaded to Fireworks. In this app, the video can be viewed both landscape and portrait.

Besides Google, Weibo and Chinese companies are also interested in buying fireworks. Click here to install this app.Facebook’s Crypto Currency Labra has not yet appeared, but there have been significant difficulties.

Many concerns are being raised regarding the security and privacy of this crypto currency. The currency is being criticized by financial institutions around the world. Even if this currency launches, its European market Hard to get into.

Germany and France have also begun blocking the currency.
Now play store update apps has also announced that they have abandoned the Libra project altogether. PayPal fears that this crypto currency could be used for money laundering. A source told the Financial Times PayPal may issue support for this currency later.

MasterCard and Visa also have reservations on Libra but did not withdraw from the currency.Companies that work on human identity technology are mostly working on human facial recognition,

but a Chinese startup company has claimed that they have developed an identification system based on human hand veins. Identifies the most accurate attributes based on the most recent attributes.

This system was developed by MELUX, AirWave. It is said that the system recognizes 1 million times more accurately than human faces.

usages of play store app

The facial recognition system analyzes 80 to 280 facial features from artificial intelligence, but the Chinese company says that their built-in system evaluates one million palm properties in 0.3 seconds. Virtually impossible to deceive the human hand vein identification system.
In this system the palm has to be turned over to a special sensor, which is then verified in real time.


play store update apps full hand vein scanning technology scans more than a million palm points by artificial intelligence. In this system, the user will scan his palm while on the move, so he can get accurate results. Will
At this time, people in China mostly confirm mobile pay minutes with face recognition, QR codes and passwords.

Chinese company MELUX believes that there are too many gaps in the current system or that they are difficult for older people. There are also many privacy concerns. Therefore, the airway can be used for alternative and better authentication play music was introduced in 2018.

In the last one year, it has become very popular in China. It is being used in many cafeteria and government offices in Guangdong Province, South China. MELUX is currently in talks with various transport companies for the installation of the system.

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