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play store app download will include 3D Augmented Reality models in its search results. This way you will be able to see a shoe shoe or a shark swimming in your drawing room while shopping.

The company also demonstrated this technology at Google I / O. We do not yet know how many search terms play store will display in 3D search results.
At I / O, Google explained how AR Search works.

For example, when you search for the muscular system, play services will show you the results of human organs. You can see it in the real world. If you are shopping online you can check the clothes with wardrobe.

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According to play store update the three DAR objects will begin appearing in search results later this year. Developer support will also be released for them. Developers will also be able to display their objects with a few lines of code. NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, open play store and other groups are working to support their 3D models.

play store download has also made announcements about Google Assistant at the Google I / O Conference but these were not about any major updates. Now you can silence a Google Assistant’s alarm just by saying “Stop” or screaming. Before this alarm went off you had to say Hey, Google, turn off the alarm.

play store download wants to make conversations with its digital assistant more natural. That’s why Google eliminated the words “Hey Google” at the alarm blocking command.
Unlike Google, Alexa still needs to stop saying Alexa, stop.
The new “Stop” feature has been released for Google Assistant Smart Display and English users of Google Home. Google’s AI reservation feature can already dial the phone. By the end of this year, this feature will be able to book rentals for you and also buy movie tickets for you.

During the Google I / O conference, CEO of Google Singer Paschai also demonstrated this. He also booked a car for himself with Duplex saying hey Google, book a car with national for my next trip.

Following this command, Duplex automatically visited the National Car Rental website and provided all information for the trip. That is, Duplex also has a simplified task like data entry. During this process, Duplex often asks for confirmation and displays a popup. Nevertheless, this feature saves considerable time.

This Duplex feature is named “Duplex in Chrome”. It will be released to English-language Android users in the US and UK by the end of this year. Facebook contract employees see private posts of users on Facebook and Instagram. These employees label private posts on Facebook and Instagram to improve artificial intelligence.

Facebook, like other technology companies, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to rank content on its platform.
However, it is important that the software be informed about different types of content. To improve this algorithm, play store download employees have to analyze the sample data. Human beings are the ones who rate and label this data. This process is called data annotation.

google play store app download has outsourced to an Indian firm WiPro, Reuters reports.
The firm divides users’ posts into five ratings with 260 employees. These ratings include selfies or food photos and prominent events (such as birthdays or weddings).

VP employees review Facebook and Instagram status updates, videos, photos, shared links and stores. For accuracy, each post is viewed by two employees and these two employees have to review about 700 items every day.


play store download has confirmed to Reuters that VPro is reviewing the content of their platforms. This content also includes private posts shared with some friends.

also sometimes contains users’ names and other sensitive information. Facebook said it has 200 such projects running around the world, where thousands of people label posts.

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In a large office in China, people label images of self-driving cars to identify pedestrians and cyclists. Many users of the Internet take this task without their knowledge. Google’s captcha system, called consumer identity, to help them figure out what it is to be human.

This data is used to improve artificial intelligence.
This kind of work is necessary for many purposes but the problem occurs when doing this work on private data. Recent investigations have revealed that employees who used to label sensitive data have collected sensitive information from Amazon Echo devices and ring security cameras.

When you’re talking to Alexa, you don’t even think that someone is sitting and listening to her, but it happens.
The problem gets worse when such work is outsourced to low quality companies.

Facebook says it’s legal and the privacy team approves the data play services update is always experimenting with innovative and unique experiments with the help of artificial intelligence. One such emerging Google project is named PoemPortraits.

This is a web application. In this web app you suggest and self-identify a word. After that, it makes a poetic portrait of the two.
It’s basically an Instagram filter, mixed with a few lines of artificial intelligence made of poetry.

Developed by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Coder Russo Gadon & S Doolin together to develop this web application.
Who have worked with everyone from the UK’s National Theater to Kanye West, Beyoncé Knowles and Adele.

Russia has created software that creates poetry.
This software is trained in the Deep Learning Neural Network and 19th Century Poetry (over 25 million words).

This software looks at the rhymes and adjusts the text according to the words the users say. Devlin has incorporated many physical frameworks into this little poetry making machine. This web app is a digital version of Photo Booth, Devlin said in a blog post.