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play store app Installing innovative new applications and games from the Google Play Store on Android is everyone’s favorite hobby. All kinds of applications are being made in the interest of people. Some of the most anonymous and obscene applications are in google play refund.

They all have to endure what they do not want, and they can be embarrassed anywhere because of them.This problem has been around in Android for a long time, and finally Google realized that the latest version of the Google Play Store was offering its solution.

Play Store Parental Controls

Note that this option is provided in the latest version of google play store app install, version 6.0. To find out which version of the Play Store you have installed, open the Play Store and click on the menu in the top left-hand side of the settings.

google parental app

Here you see the build version. If there is no update click on it, it will be downloaded if the update is available.
If you have the latest version of the Google playlist, click the Parental controls option in Settings here.

Parental controls you will see that off. Slide it on.
IN The next step you should to create a PIN for your account. You can select any four geometry pin. It is in this case that no one can disable these controls back
At the next step you can see that the option to control apps and games has arrived. Here you can select by age.
This option will certainly be very useful for all households, including children and women.

Download the latest and greatest version of the a play store app new version of the Google Play Store is available for download in the apk file, with great new features and features.

You’ve probably read in computing that Google is making several changes to the Play Store to address growing and suspicious applications on the Play Store.

A great feature in this regard is the play store games case
These changes are now complete and available for download on the Google Play Store. Currently this new version does not reach all users, so if you want to get it now you can download and install its app file from the following link:

Remember that this is Google Play Store version 8.2.36. If you already have this version, you don’t need to install it.

So be sure to check out the Play Store version before downloading it.
Since installing applications is our daily routine, keeping up with the Google Play Store is also important.



play store update apps

In this new version you will find many new features as well as beauty in the design.
WhatsApp recently announced that backups of WhatsApp data created on Google Drive will not count toward the total capacity of Google Drive. As you know, images uploaded from Google Photos to Google Drive also do not affect the capacity or capability of Google Drive.

Within days of WhatsApp’s announcement, doubts arose that WhatsApp data being backed up to Google Drive is encrypted?
Now WhatsApp has regularly confirmed that WhatsApp data backups made on Google Drive are not encrypted. For iPhone users who are backing up WhatsApp data to iCloud, their data is also not encrypted.

WhatsApp has also announced that backups on Google Drive that have not been updated for more than a year will be automatically deleted.

play store apps

play store app has introduced the latest wireless earphone pixel bands that help you easily understand any language. According to a Google company, this earphone equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology will enable people to understand and hear the meaning of words in real time from Google Transliteration. Can be done instantly, just say “hi google” to your custom work like send an SMS or translate a foreign language, track routes, control the music and more. The outgoing device is equipped with a new adapter sound feature that adjusts the sound according to the surround sound.

It can also be used up to 100 yards away from the phone. It will also work for up to 5 hours on continuous use on a single charge.

According to play store apps, the new Pixel Buds have better sound quality and allow you to talk in loud environments. Improves microphone beam farming performance by. Earlier in 2017, Google introduced Pixel Buds but they didn’t prove to be so effective.

These new Pixel Beds will be offered for sale for $ 179 in store app has admitted that some users’ data stored for security purposes has been used for advertising.In its blog post on Tuesday, the Twitter administration apologized to those users, saying it was a mistake that has been corrected.

According to the Twitter administration, users enter their email address and phone numbers when creating a Twitter account and this data is stored for security purposes.
The Twitter administration says the error was removed on September 17th.

However, Twitter did not release details on how many users used the data.
play store app administrations are facing global criticism from time to time for what they do to protect users’ data.
play store app states that when advertising companies release their marketing lists, it is possible that the telephone numbers and email addresses of some Twitter users are similar.

The administration has made it clear that users’ phone numbers and email addresses were not deliberately provided to another company or company. But some users have received these ads, but steps are being taken to prevent such a mistake in the future.