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Google Play Services began rolling out aspects of its Android operating system (especially its core applications) so that it could be updated through google play store app download for android.

Part of them includes Google Play Services, a closed-source version-of-the-process API that gets the play store games Snoozean API, which automatically installs on Android 2.2 “Froyo” and all devices running it. With these changes.

Google Play Services can add new system functionality and update apps without having to upgrade the operating system in google play services so beats add user-friendly changes, focusing carefully.

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Free child monitoring apps available on the Play Services

Google pay protecting children’s Internet activity is more popular on the Google Play Store, but some apps have immersive maps and improve a spying factor. Secret apps are monitored by children or spouse phones. Now there are dozens of apps that are available for free and can be used to monitor others.


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Some of these apps authentication to your google only record phone activity and location, but some notorious apps can not only record calls, track text, but also track the activity on google play services for instant apps. These apps can also detect browsing history.

One such app is called Mspy which costs Pakistan Rs 26,000 (149.99 British pounds) annually. According to the company, it was used to track children’s phone activity in which they can track child text messages, calls, GPS location, WhatsApp and other activities.

The key thing about M-Spy is that after installing silently, the app does not appear anywhere on the smartphone and works very quietly. That is why people in Western countries and Europe are using it for their wife or girlfriend.

Is Google Play Services for Android safe?

One British user said the app play store update services synchronized contacts access also shows deleted messages and is therefore very effective. In addition, there are apps that charge up to Rs 4,000 a year, which helps you spy on others in many ways.

205 Smartphone Damage Apps On The Google Play Store and android phone

Google Play Store has revealed 205 applications that damage smartphones, which have been installed more than 30 million times.

This was revealed by Researcher Lux, which says 188 out of the 205 apps that show hidden ads on your mobile phone.

In his Twitter message core functionality like authentication, he said that these 188 apps have been installed more than one million 92 million times, while the other 17 apps are involved in stock ware, fake apps, fake anti-virus and other malicious activities which can damage the smartphone.

Apps mostly disappear from the home screen and do nothing but show ads. Over 3.5 million Android users infected with “Judi” virus spread through Google Play Store

What is Google Play Services for Android?

The virus “Judi” coming from the Google Play Store infected play services also enhances some 300 million people using Android system phone tablets and TVs. IT experts say a Korean company has developed 41 apps When installed from the Google Play Store, Judy ran into a related tablet, phone or TV.

The Google Play Store administration removed these apps from the Play Store. The Google Play Store app is experiencing a card-style interface for search results

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google play services update is experimenting with showing search results to users in the ok play store in a new way. Now instead  google map of a scrolling app list, you’ll see a card-style interface for each app, including android devices screenshots of the app that will be in the original play store entry. This card-style interface also scrolls But now users will be able to see 3 apps instead of 7 apps at a time.

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In addition, the entry also does not contain three dots that would have the option of installing or adding the app to the list when taped. In this new interface, users will also immediately see the number of downloads of the google services synchronized contacts. Google is experimenting with a limited scale of this interface. It will be released to all users when positive feedback from users.

Labels, the largest music recording company, have objected to Google’s new music service. Labels say the new service doesn’t make sense because Google’s search engine still supports the illegal use of music.

google play services says it will stop illegal music downloads on Android systems through the music google play services. Berts Phonographic Entrepreneur BPI has alleged that Google is not fulfilling its promise to block illegal music downloads.

Is Google Play services for Android spyware?

Why has Google Play Services for Android stopped? Downloading illegal music hurts singers. Google said it would change the search results Websites that receive more notices will come down in the latest user privacy settings says it will allow users to store up to 20,000 songs to end Apple’s iTunes monopoly. Google’s auditor Walcunn said, ‘We will simplify the way for users to legally receive music, which will end the illegal use of music.’

Play services apk pure
Play services apk pure

BPI says they welcome this new service improves gaming experiences in the UK as it will benefit the music industry and consumers.

The Google Play service is already available in the United States. methodology in August, keeping in mind the number of times websites received copyright notices.

Google bans Huawei’s use of Android regular updates. Huawei is likely to ban Android use by Google. Huawei is the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer work properly in the world: File Photos

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Google has banned the use of regular updates some of Android’s applications on new designs of Huawei, the world’s second-largest mobile phone maker, which could make users of Huawei a problem.

The ban comes after the Trump administration added Huawei to a list of companies settings and higher quality that US firms would not be able to do business without a license.

Current users of Hawaii will still be able to update apps and the Google Play service, but it is likely that they will not be available on Huawei’s devices when the next version of Google maps and improves gaming launches this year.

However, Huawei’s Android operating system will be able to use this new version with an open-source license.

Huawei’s chief executive Ren Zheng Fei spoke to Japanese media after US sanctions, saying we were ready for it already.

Huawei is already being questioned by several countries. It is understood that China can be used to monitor Huawei’s products.