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play console has announced the introduction of the Surface Duo smart phone at the launch of the Surface Device. It is an Android device with a 5.6-inch dual screen. google play console is actually two panels, which are well connected but there is still plenty of distance between the two.

The phone can span the same image or app on two screens, but the photo looks weird because of the distance.
google play store download is primarily for the display of one screen game and the other for typing or control.

This is the concept we have seen in LG Dual Screen or ROG Phones google play services for instant apps.
google play refund Dow will be offered to users by the end of next year. Until then, users can develop exclusive games and apps for this device.

play console did not divulge more details about the phone, but the company said that the screen could bend at 360 degrees due to the occupation in the joints.

play console electronics maker Sony has announced that it will roll out its latest PlayStation 5 console for sale next year. The company is rolling out a new model of its exclusive gaming system, which will be available for purchase at the end of next year’s holidays, almost seven years later.

Officials say the new console will be equipped with several new features, including vibration. Includes a wider link system for players and compatibility with the latest 8’s display.

Information on its price and release date has not been provided. Sony has long been one of the leading companies in the video game industry. Its current console, PlayStation 4, has sold more than 100 million consoles worldwide so far.

However, the growing popularity of smart phone games has increased competition in the sector as new competitors are emerging. Companies from outside this industry are now descending into this field. Google, a US-based tech giant, is likely to launch a game streaming service in November of this year.

HP (Hewitt Packard), a US company that produces computers, laptops and printers, is closing nearly nine thousand jobs to reorganize its company. google play music only eliminate about 500 of its jobs in India. A report published in the Economic Times states that the HP company will reduce its costs by 722 globally by 2022. Is planning to reduce by a thousand

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google play developer console free has also included India in its job cuts as the sales of its computers in India are declining play store update apps. A company affiliate told Economic Times on condition of anonymity.

The number of computers is being reduced because many computer models have been eliminated and the demand for personal computers is constantly decreasing.

Similarly, there is no continuity in government projects in terms of purchasing of computers. However, job cuts will have the least impact on observers, observers say The report states that HP has around 55,000 workers worldwide, out of which it will remove about 9000 thousand, saving $ 1 billion annually.

The project is moving forward, including deductions of 5,000 employees from its headquarters in California.
A new study has found that young people between the ages of 10 and 19 are more likely to type on a smartphone with the help of just two thumbs or a finger of evidence than people in their 40’s. Type on the board.

The results of the experiment have shown that typing speeds with the help of one or two fingers on the smartphone screen are gradually approaching the speed of typing on a traditional keyboard.

The research, conducted under the ATH University in Alto University of Finland, the University of Cambridge in the UK and the University of Zurich in Switzerland, asked 37,000 volunteers to type on a smart phone, with automatic word recognition. Software was there.

advantages of play console

This feature is installed on almost every smart phone. The average speed of typing on a smartphone with two thumbs or a finger is 38 words per minute while on a large traditional keyboard the average speed is 51 words.

play console say that with the rapid rise of typing on smartphones, typing seems to be approaching the traditional keyboard with two thumbs in the near future. Now that the role of smartphones is a part of our lives. As I grow, many educators say that this will have far-reaching effects on our digital typing, especially on our new generation.

They also say that the results from recent experience are far better than expected. Experts say that our new generation, which is typing about 40 words in just a minute with two thumbs, is more responsive to their typing. Real speed is better than 40-year-olds with ten fingers typing on a computer’s keyboard.

An iPhone user from Russia claims to have paid Apple $ 1 million. Saraf has accused Apple of making him a homosexual.
According to court papers, which have gone viral enough on the Internet, the plaintiff has claimed to Apple that he had become gay because of a wrong message in the iPhone.

According to the papers, this user installed a wrong kind of crypto currency in the virtual wallet installed on the iPhone in 2017, which made it homosexual.

This user, who only has D According to Razumilov, he says he got 69 coins from GayCoin, a gay-made crypto currency. At the same time, the message was not to use it unless you were tested for homosexuality.

De-Razomilov said using the crypto currency without homosexuality was a bad thing, so he became involved with homosexuality

google play services update say that this message has greatly affected their lives, which has never been normal again.
Razumilov’s lawyer Sapizat Gosnieva told the Russian press that the case was serious, even though the message was found on a third-party app but Apple was responsible for the service running on its platform. I should pay 1 million rubles or $ 15,300.
Razumilov’s case was filed last Wednesday. His next hearing will be on October 17.

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