How to study in Finland?

Finland a Northern European country a great country for international students. The hardest point for international students is how to get an education in Finland for free? And how to study in Finland in English?

40 Universities are offering programs in English and one has to choose in more than 600 subjects. The universities additionally supply English-taught degree choices. Finnish educational establishment has over twenty thousand international students finding out in many locations around Finland as a European nation.

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There’s one thing regarding Finland that produces it an excellent study destination for international students. And it’s not that finding out in Santa’s country are some things to brag regarding. We tend to won’t keep you waiting from now on – it’s the high-quality education, educational freedom, and also the student-centered support services.

Finland is commonly rated united of the foremost innovative countries in terms of upper education and coaching programs, per the globe Economic Forum’s world fight Report. And with such an elaborate name it’s onerous not eager to recognize a lot of regarding finding out a Bachelor’s degree during this Nordic country. 

About 31,000 international students select Finland once a year, with over 400-degree programs educated in English. If this sounds appealing to you, you’re most likely questioning what you ought to choose between such big amounts of programs. You’ll be able to study just about any educational subject in Finland.

Finnish universities are increasing the number of study programs offered in English to draw in additional international students. Their area unit currently quite 600 study programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctor’s degree level, and therefore the variety is growing once a year. Business, Engineering, technology, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, drugs, or Law: you’ll be able to realize associate English-taught study choice for any subject. Finding the right program is often clearly the primary factor you ought to do before your final year of high school.

Suppose if a person wishes to take up building machines, robots, etc., as a career- technology is that the right program you ought to choose. A young student looking forward to exploring the globe on your own, learning abroad is one in all the simplest adventures, you’ll be able to take. The Republic of Finland could be a good spot to start out your journey because the country is thought for loads of belongings you might shoot for to expertise and find out. Firstly, education in the Republic of Finland is best, with its top-tier, however reasonable, universities. It’s one in all the numerous reasons the Finnish individuals took up an initial place within the world’s happiest individuals list. Moreover, the academics within the country are extremely revered and remunerated, and if you would like to pursue a career in education, the Republic of Finland is that the ideal place for you.


The university application method in Republic of Finland is easy, thus you won’t wander away in a much written record. Applications for a Bachelor’s programs usually requires Copy of your high school credentials or International Baccalaureate certificate

An admission test or SAT subject take a look at

High school grades transcript

Minimum English take a look at results

The coolest factor concerning applying for a degree in Suomi is that you simply will have a joint application. This suggests you fill in a very kind with up to 6 most popular study programs and solely submit one application. Supported the uncountable your application, you’ll be allotted to 1 of the programs. In alternative words, you’ve got a lot of possibilities of learning in Suomi with less effort. Plus, several Finnish universities haven’t any application fee.

As the Finnish year is mostly divided in 2 semesters, you furthermore may get pleasure from 2 university admission sessions.

For the autumn semester: two weeks in Gregorian calendar month and fortnight in March

For the spring semester: the primary weeks of Sep

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive an officer letter of admission. Afterwards, follow the steps to verify your spot.

If you’re from the EU or EEA, you’re certain a treat. There is less or no tuition fees for a student studding at public Finnish university. If you’re from outside the EU/EEA, then you must save between five thousand and 18,000 EUR for tutorial tuition fees, looking on the programs.

Even so, there’s still hope. Tuition exemptions do exist for all students and there are various scholarship choices in Republic of Finland to urge you coated. Finding the university tuition details is simply half the monetary equation, as you furthermore ought to take under consideration living expenses are of housing and food etc.

Housing starting from one hundred sixty to 800 EUR/month looking on town and kind of housing. Non-public flats area unit dearer than student housing.

Food expenses starts around two hundred to three hundred EUR/month

Overall it might be informed budget regarding 700 – eleven hundreds EUR/month for all the living expenses, together with social activities and transportation.


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