google play console publish

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google play console publish

google play console publish Access your data from your Android mobile device. Then, review the performance statistics and financial data of your application. Served about the status of your application and publication changes. Read and respond to user opinions and on the go.

Publish an application

When you select a google play console publish application from your Google Play console, you can see the latest publication status of your application under the title and name of the package.

google play console publish

Whether you are publishing an application for the first time or performing on the device, you can use this publication to understand the availability of the application on Google Play.

Note: For certain google play console publish, we will take more time to thoroughly review your applications to help better protect users. This may cause revision times of up to 5 days or more in exceptional cases. You will receive an application control panel paneling on how long this should take from Google


Step 1: Create a google play console publish to register an existing email account address * associated with your company name.

* We recommend using an email address that can be easily accessed by several companies, such as your support email account or information in google play console publish. There is no email address of a company, to create a Gmail account. Please note that a Google Play account is not necessarily an “@” account.

For example, a user will register a Google Developer Console publication that is associated with Google +, Hotmail or Yahoo email address. A Google account is a user account that you can use to sign in to all Google applications, such as Gmail, Drive, Maps etc.

Step 2: now you should Apply for a Google Play Console Account publish.

Once your new Google Account is verified, you can open the Google Play Console to finish enrolling.

And sign in with your Google Account.
Read all and agree to the google play console publish Fee Distribution Agreement. Click Continue to pay for it.
Pay the noncurring registration fee of $ 25 to $ 30 USD for your account with your credit card, meter card or voice debit card.

Complete all your account details. Insert your developer name, email address, and website into your device’s Google Play Store page.
Manufacturer name.
And now please enter your company name. The name of this account appears as the publisher.

Email Address
And then please enter your support email account so your app users can reach you.
Write your company website
Enter phone number
Then Google should be able to contact you at this number if your device encounters an issue with your app. This information is not publicly disclosed.

And when your registration is verified, you’ll be notified of the email address associated with your Google Play console on your device. This usually happens within half an hour or more, but can take up to 48 hours or more.

Once you have a Google Play Console account, be sure to enter a physical address at the location provided.

1. And in your Google Play console account, go to Settings.
2 (On the opening page (Developer Account → Account Details)), enter an existing current address where Google can contact you for your account information.

Click Save at the top right of the 3 page.
Step 3: Invite ShopGate as “Release Manager”.

Your ShopGate app team works hard to release your Android app on the Google Play Store download. In order for our team members to do their business carefully, please invite ShopGate as your “Release Manager”.

play console

In your Google Play Developer Console Free, go to the Settings option, and then invite users and then a new user.
Screen the device on “Invite new user”, enter the following information, then click Send invitation.
Email: for example [email protected]

Expiration Date: Never.
Role: Select Release Manager.
And then we need it to create and update your mobile app.
Permission: Global.
After the invitation is sent, the ShopGate app team will receive an email address and accept the invitation soon.
Step 4: Provide API access to the account for google play games app free download

ShopGate uses an automated app service to update your app on a regular basis. To do this, ShopGate technology needs access to your Google Play Developer API.

Click Create Service Account. This will open a new popup.
Click Google APIs Console in the popup. This will open a new tab in your browser bar.
Click Create a service account and enter in the popup that opens on your mobile:

Service Account Name: Enter the SGO service account on the device.
This will automatically populate the “Service Account ID” field in your device.
Role: Select the project.

Checkbox: Check the option to Offer a new private key.
Key Type: Select on JSON.
Click Create. A file named “Google Play Android Developer – XXXXXX.json” will begin downloading. Save this JSON file and upload it later to ShopGate for your device. And then depending on your browser settings, the file can start downloading apps automatically or you can ask permission to start the download on your device.

Turn off popup You will see a new service account created for Google Play. And then you can easily close this tab.
Return to the open popup in Step 4 in your account. Now click on Done.
Under the Services Accounts and Permissions section,

click Grant access. And you should make sure to allow all permissions options except “View financial data” or “Manage orders”. Click Add User.
You will be redirected to the Users & Permissions page. And then the new service account should now be listed here.

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