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clash of clans update Summer 2020 Update has arrived. Here’s what’s new
We don’t have to wait long for the Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update. A few days after sneezing, the latest update is now live.

The update introduces new upgrade levels for rescue, buildings, soldiers, and heroes; Lightning reconstructed the spell; Brings many game changes and quality of life improvements; And adds two new Super Troops and the Dark New Elixir Troop. Full patch notes can be found on Clash of Clans forums, below are some highlights.

Headhunters is the new Dark Elixir team available at Town Hall 12, a murderous force targeting heroes. Headhunter deals four times damage against Heroes and reduces movement speed and attack speed.
Two new Super Troops are Inferno Dragon and Super Witch. Inferno Dragon Level 6 is a super version of Baby Dragon, which fires continuous rays of damage over time.

clash of clans update
clash of clans update

Super Witch is a super version of Level 5 witch. Instead of calling skeletons or bats, Super Witch calls Big Boy, a giant skeleton with as many hit points as Super Giant.

Learn more about Inferno Dragon and Super Witch here.

New update levels

Cannon, Wizard Tower and Dark Barak have each achieved a new level. Up to 50 additional wall sections clash of clans update can also be upgraded to 14th level.

For Heroes, Barbarian King and Archer Queen have now gained five new levels how clash of clans hack up to 75 levels. Perhaps even more exciting, the uplift time has been reduced to a maximum of 40 minutes cooldown at 75 level.

Get the nuances at the new detachment and building levels here.

Game changes and improvements in living standards
There are tons of game changes with the Summer 2020 update. Too far to list. I recommend reading the heavy patch notes for specifics, but some highlights:

When you upgrade your town hall, the limited town hall upgrade experience triggers time-limited boost sand benefits.
How a loot cart accumulates over 90 days and a slight increase in its ability to generate resources from its inactivity.

update and history of clash of clan-min
update and history of clash of clan-min

Village adaptation with new views accessible by pressing the Town Hall and selecting the “Change View” button
Builder Base: Low Crusher Splash Radius (3.5 to Tile 2.8)
As I said, the rest of the adjustments are for both Gram and Builder Base. clash of clans update Summer 2020 update has no new gameplay features clash of clans Reddit or features, but all the trope additions and gameplay changes have been made by players. It’s not the biggest update to this game, but it’s definitely a good one.

Multi-player shooter game clash of clans cheats created by Supercell, Tencent-backed Game Maker, behind the famous Clash of Clans title, which debuted in early June as China’s most downloaded game. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the release of Brawl Stars in China led to a nearly 2.5x sequential jump in downloads for Tencent.

The game’s traction has helped Tencent’s “otherwise lack of sales,” Way-Ser Ling, a senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, which covers the Internet sector, wrote in a note to customers.

The company’s ADR rose to its second consecutive session on Tuesday, bringing its rally to 52% from the March low, before the Wednesday recession. Some are tracking the company’s ADRs on Wall Street. It buys two, one silk and sells nothing.

Barclays Capital Inc clash of clans update. Analyst Greg Zhao recently looked at Tencent’s gaming services and other key business areas as “catalytic and encouraging”. He said gaming traffic clash of clans update in foreign territories, such as the U.S., was stronger than the previous period compared to the second period, quoting both seasonal and epidemic-induced lockdown. For China, gaming speeds are now slowly normal, with June 23 highlighting Note Zhao.

For fear of a second coronavirus wave, Tencent and others belong to Stock In-Home Entertainment clash of clans gems free, which may be more reversed when people decide to be detained again.
According to data from the app tracking company Sensor Tower, Tencent Holdings has found another hit mobile game in Supercell’s Brawl Stars, totaling $ 17.5 million, with 4.8 million downloads in its first week in China.

The highest-grossing titles such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell – which owns Tencent’s majority – established themselves as mobile game hitmakers. Crawl Stars’ strong debut in China coincided with a worldwide launch in 2018, which grossed US $ 11 million worldwide with 15.5 million downloads in its first week.

Although the game is now released in China due to the country’s tight control over gaming, the market remains very attractive – especially for Tencent and NetEase, which has total market revenue. According to an intelligence agency analysis report, 60 percent.

Brawl Stars, published jointly by Tencent and Yuzu, was not licensed for demonetization from the Chinese government clash of clans update until March. Unlike most countries, sports publishers in China must obtain a demonetization license from the government, which can cause months of delay in issuing a new title.

“The Crawl Stars clash of clans update earned more in their first seven days in China than the hit Clash Royale released in the last seven days in China,” Sensor Tower said in its report.

ByteDance Gaming eliminates early failures with a new attack on King Tencent
Brawl Stars is the most downloaded game on Apple’s iOS in China since its launch on June 9, according to clash of clans update Annie. In the same period, it was ranked in the top four on the highest grossing chart for games in China.

clash of clans update-min
clash of clans update-min

Hong Kong-listed Tencent did not immediately respond to questions sent by email Monday.

Chen Xiao, an analyst at Gutai Juan Securities, said that Crawl Stars has many winning elements that could turn into a “groundbreaking hit.”

According to the game clash of clans Reddit consultancy firm Niko Partners, mobile games in China generated US $ 18.5 billion in revenue last year and the market is projected to reach $ 32.0 billion by 2024. The number of athletes in China is estimated at 637 million.

Last year, Tencent’s gaming revenue reached a record 114.7 billion yuan (US $ 16.2 billion)

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