clash of clans Reddit

clash of clans Reddit

clash of clans Reddit

At the start of the clash of clans Reddit Royal soft launch, Danner and friends decided to open the doors to the Reddit Hotel Klan family. The clan family evolved from a humble hotel, into a unity, motel, hostel and inner clan system.

As we evolve into one of the leading armies of the clash of clans Reddit system, the momentum stops! As we grow, there are those who are willing to engage in the most visual nomination affirmations and what we want to do for the top.

clash of clans Reddit
clash of clans Reddit

When you hear about the “whale” of mobile gaming, there are stereotypes that try to become top players and spend huge amounts of money. They usually deposit credit money into teenagers with a credit card debt or with an intoxicated home parent in an F2 slot machine. Whatever thought.

This is not so when it comes to clash of clans cheats clash of clans Reddit and the world’s top player, Chief Pat. Supercell’s new fighting game based on the Clash of Clans universe has topped the iOS and Android app charts for the past few months, and Chief Pat thinks the world is his king. For a while, at least.

Even though Pat had only been out for a few months, he revealed that he had spent $ 12,000 for the game. He still put in Supercell’s other title, Clash of Clans, not as much as 000 18,000.

Yet, Chief Pat is not a stereotypical whale. In fact, his “investment” in both clash of clans gems free, and now Clash Royale is actually quite … smart?

The reason is that Chief Pat is a big-time YouTuber whose channel is completely focused on those two supercell games. As he explained in a recent AMDA AMA (via Polygon), he has no regrets about spending so much on sports because of his profession.

However, K 30K in these two games? He still looks insane. But when you measure against Pot’s channel strength and potential earnings, it actually falls relatively in the bucket
Chief Pat has 1.74 million members on its channel, and with its recently released Clash Royale, SocialBlade in particular, measures potential revenue based on a site and analytics tracking such things.

Thanks to some crazy April Fools joke, they made it impossible to read these numbers as I write this, but I guess Pat could do anywhere from 25-40K to those numbers. , Which is the annual salary of the mid-six figure.

Considering your entire channel is focused on these games, investing $ 30,000 to make sure it’s worth it (although you need some strategy to stay on top, not just good cards).

clash of clans Reddit recruit

clash of clans Reddit has some understanding of the plight of the average player, and says he admits to being a “free player” grind, that is. For those who don’t want to spend money, the game experience at Clash Royale is especially problematic. Supercell knows this and hopes to make some changes.

Someone did some calculations, and it took about 22 years to “maximize” their collection at Clash Royale, playing for free, as Pat K did by spending 12K. It’s … not great, even for an industry that “encourages” people to pay for microtransactions through prolonged grinding is the norm.

clash of clans Reddit recruit only
clash of clans Reddit recruit only

I love Supercell, because their popular games really feel like games, with a little bit of strategy and enthusiasm towards them, whether it’s clan fights or royal battles. There are some real skills in building your “army” and using it effectively.

Hi Clashers! Every time, clash of clans Reddit Community Manager Darien rereads a Ask Anything session. This time the town hall 13 spoke about the new revenge, skins and sporting future. Here are some common questions:

Q: Are there any plans to recreate the Revenge feature? At present, revenge is completely and utterly useless.

A: Oh boy. That’s tough. We agree that this is completely useless after a certain TH level. We were thinking of getting rid of it altogether, but when you can avenge the jerk, you get some satisfaction… angry… that means that the player who attacked you is Aamir.

So we think there is a compelling need for the Revenge feature. We do not plan to get rid of it, but we are not entirely sure how to improve it. Yes, there is an easy way to do this, as you are allowed to retaliate with a shield, but for less exploitation or nothing. Etc. But revenge is a cold serving dish, and you must feel satisfied that you use it.

Question: Is TH13 coming this year?

One: this question is inevitable that pops up. We have two more updates planned for the next year. Until we announce major updates, such as the new TH, we have another plan for the middle of autumn and the end of the year.

As we have our ESL World Finals at the end of October, we will not introduce a new Town Hall level before the ESL Finals are completed, as the new TH level will confuse the entire competition. Additionally, we want competitors to have the opportunity to grow their bases before competing with them.

Nothing says TH13 at some point. While this is not a strict commitment to the deadline, we do want to release a new TH level every 18 months. There is no guarantee when the new TH will arrive, but it is a guide to how often we want to release new items of that scale.

. Feel free, or you can try to read between the lines if you want, but this is a huge update with really exciting new features

Q: Are we going to get Grand Warden skin soon?

A: Yes. When it comes to Grand Warden, the number of players who unlock him in TH11 is much less than players with Barbarian King and Archer Queen. So we don’t re-ward the warden’s skin. But the warden is having trouble picking up his party clothes clash of clans Reddit because he is a jungle under the rubble of those scholars, so keep an eye on us as soon as we invite you to a grand celebration.

Q: Will we receive a 4 siege machine?

A: We have some new siege machine ideas, but “Yeah! It’s an idea that works!”

Q: When the builder introduced the base game in May 2017, Supercell’s plan to incorporate the 6th builder into the home village more than 2 years later, or the idea that followed; Special addition to BH9?

Ans: We want to do some time to add the 6th builder to the home village. We talked about it and almost added it for the release of TH12 clash of clans Reddit. But we didn’t want this to be just a feature where you could drop a bunch of gems and call it a day. When we first worked on the builder base, letting the master builder… two different jobs… was not the end goal;

This is the idea that came up during the development of BH9. 6th Builder We want you to feel like you accomplished at the end of a long journey, not what you bought. This is something F2P players should be able to get, but it’s not as easy as you get it released.

Question: Can you provide any details on what are the priorities / what’s working for the rest of 2019?

A: This is a really good question. According to recent updates, our priorities are to speed up the update process and resolve the clouds. We did both, and words cannot express how happy we are with Operation Blue Sky. There may be some improvements that we can apply to the system, but overall we think this is a huge success, although after a few years the players were.

So with those two major obstacles, what are we focusing on?

  • New Content: This is always the driving force in the team. We can release new cool tools that improve the clash of clans Reddit. We never do content to release new content. As we make new things, we need to bring joy to more and more players to make Marie a condo.

It’s fun, it’s different, and it makes sense. And while those guidelines may seem like a common notion, we do have some fun (and very fun) meetings for those team design meetings.

Good Generation Experience: This is something that has been on our eye for the last few years. It’s easy to come up with a list of things we want to do to improve the Klan experience, but coming up with a project plan to implement them is very different. But, we see a quarter of the QOL improvement on this front.

Single Player Content: Although it is not high on the priority list, we would like to add some cool single player / PVE content in the future. The shape we take is still up in the air, because we have thousands of cool ideas that we want to bring to the game.

Esports: This is the first year that Clash has taken to the world stage as an esports partnership with ESL. It’s a gamble, it’s a 7 year mobile game. But partnership with ESL is a match made in heaven because we have seen so many positive teams come out of the woodwork.

Tribe Gaming, Team Cuiso, and more, have landed their hats with sponsored teams. With players from different countries going to the finals, it really is a world championship. So, we want to explore a little more in the coming years.

Q: Can F2P players get future skins with gems, for example, or event awards? (I am the season pass holder)

Ans: At some point we may offer back skins in package deals or special seasonal offers. To make sure that Gold Pass has a more attractive price, we need to make sure we are balancing on those offers, because this is a really great deal. It is a matter of debate but nothing has happened yet.

clash of clans Reddit recruit
clash of clans Reddit recruit

Question: Will we have any third village in the future?

A: Probably not. Not because the community is divided between home village lovers and builder base fans, but because the allocation of development resources in three different villages makes sense. Home Village is clearly the mainstay of the game as we see more activity. We don’t want to split the bet of players’ time

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