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Bin play store
Bin play store

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Lego Architect’s Guide to Storing Your Brick Collection

The streamlined Lego collection makes you a more efficient builder. When you can easily reach the exact Lego piece you need without stopping and searching, you can Bin play store more easily translate your ideas into a horror Lego creation. Every Lego collection has the right storage solutions, whether you’re bringing your child’s set to the carpet, or a master builder with a brick basement.

bin play store-min
bin play store-min

Before you invest in storage, keep in mind that a large LEGO collection can take a lot of time to sort, and the sorted LEGO collection google play games actually takes up more space than the bin in your home.

We present our strategies based on the size of the collection, but start small and inaccurate at the edge play store pc of a small organized collection. If you are frustrated with not being able to find the part you need, it’s time to upgrade your storage to the next level.

Small collections (up to 5,000 pieces): remove them from the ground up!
The first step in Lego storage is important – keeping those sharp plastic bricks away from the ground.

The best solution for most builders is a large enough, clear plastic bin for the pieces you already have, with some space to grow. A shallow bin is easy to find the part you need, and a clear bin means you can look down to find a smaller piece.

You can estimate how much you have spent on the size of your collection; The Lego set costs 10 0.10 per piece, so collection 300 contains 3000 pieces. To determine the minimum size of your Bin play store, assume that 250 LEGO pieces fill a liter of storage, and then choose a larger bin that is twice as large, making it easier to dig around and find those pieces, whatever you want. The 3,000-piece collection takes 12L and requires 24L containers.

If you want to build on the ground, the smaller Lego collections are better suited to the Play Mat-36s, which work well in the article. These mats are big enough to stretch all your pieces and have space to build properly on the mat. When you’re done, you can draw to pick up everything without leaving the bricks. These are very convenient if you need to move your Lego bricks at a moment’s notice Bin play store or store your collection in one room, but build in another room.

If your Lego collection lives in the bedroom, look for a giant plastic Bin play store with wheels that you can roll under the bed. At about 60 liters, it’s the largest choice for a “small” collection, with about 10,000 pieces of toppings (without over-stuffing). Anything big, and finding a certain part of the canister can be very frustrating.

Medium collection (5,000 to 10,000 pieces): Original company
When your collection exceeds the 5,000-piece limit, organize your pieces into multiple containers to facilitate the creation of more ambitious models. Although you can always buy a second drawstring bag or clear plastic bin, there are many other options that will give you more versatility when ordering your Lego pieces.

If you have limited space, a cart with a clear plastic drawer is perfect. Make sure you can remove the drawers easily so you can access them when you order them and bring them into your office. Carts designed for scrapbooking are perfect for this; Drawers are shallow and usually 12 “x12” or larger – large enough to have a standard 32 × 32 stud Lego baseplate.

Stackable clear plastic cans (11L cartons work well) are another option when ordering your collection. It is a convenient Bin play store to add another bin at any time of your collection. Look for products with tight-fitting leads, especially if you need to ship your collection from time to time. (If you want to be more specific with your sorting, you can use smaller boxes.

If you have a large collection of both traditional Lego sets and Lego technique sets, you need these drawers to sort your entire collection by component.

There are over 1,000 different general-purpose components currently available in the set, and this number increases when you drop pieces, minifigures, minifigure accessories, and one-pieces used in licensed Lego sets like Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars. If the amount of drawer you need is too high (or expensive), focus on sorting out your most common parts first. You can scale your space, wallet and collection when allowed.

Large-collection LEGO ts need to be more space-efficient for shoppers, and the Tackle Box Bin play store is a good choice, perfect for storing apartments or shelves. A box with removable dividers allows you to customize the size of each compartment according to the size of each compartment, but even more so, the Tactile Box’s strong latch lid for carrying around your home or in meetings. The best solution will do. The only downside: picking specific pieces out of these small compartments can be cumbersome for fish.

bin play store working-min
bin play store working-min

Collective Collection (250,000+): Sorting by element
Although we exclude minifigurable parts, hairstyles and accessories, there are over 1,000 unique sizes available in over 60 colors in existing Lego sets. It takes a dedicated home collector to reach this level – if you are a professional Lego artist working Bin play store in Legoland, you can only view the entire collection sorted by element.

However, when a serious Lego artist gets around 250,000 pieces, they end up with hundreds of similar pieces (some include 1×2 bricks, tiles, and tiles; “cheesy” pieces from a 1×1 30-degree slope). And called technique pins; Here is a full list of common parts). When it makes sense Bin play store to sort some of your collection by both size and color – the Lego ts tutors refer to it as a unique ‘element’. Remember, you can always leave out the less common pieces sorted by size (with multiple colors in a bin).

If you have a dedicated Lego room, the best option for most collectors is the drawers with compartment compartments. For Acaro-Mills style drawer cabinets these are deeper than drawer cabinets (12 or more deeper than just 5.5), so you can put more compartments in the same amount of wall space.

With at least 15 compartments per drawer, you can easily hold the drawer you need and get everything in your workplace easily. How to arrange the elements in each drawer – You can use group elements, which you do very often (at least trips to the drawer cabinet), or what elements can be used together (eg 1×1 clip top and bar 3L) – and how many drawers you go for. A hyper-organized collection of 250,000 pieces can easily hold 1,000 drawers.

If you have a lot of wall space, you can use the same drawer cabinets highlighted in the previous section, or the portability of dealing with boxes when your collection is needed.

Sorting with care

The important thing in determining the right level of organization for your collection is whether you are leisure or laborious when sorting Lego bricks. Some people call Lego the Mindfulness Exercise, a simple and repetitive activity that takes your attention away from the stresses of a busy life. Others can only withstand the change that regulates Lego by watching TV shows or listening to music.

Remember, the best way to store your Lego collection is clearly visible when you are focused on optimizing for your creativity. LEGOs want to play with bricks, so the right storage solution encourages you to do something awesome!

Tom Alfin is the author of The Lego Storage Guide and creator of Brick Architect, a website dedicated to all things Lego builds.

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