Study in the UK from Germany

Study in the UK from Germany

Because you are a national of Germany, you will be thrilled to discover that you don’t need any visa to study in the United Kingdom. Still, that doesn’t mean you can just pack up and leave for the UK. You will even need to arrange a few things.

The United Kingdom

By study in the UK master’s program, you will not only achieve a world-class graduate education, but you will also get to know more about the unique British culture and perfect your English language. One of the most cosmopolitan places on earth, you will meet all kinds of peoples and have an enriching study experience.

The moment you step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. You only need to pick the subject that fits your best-Masters degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Law, and pretty much that you can think of.

Study in the UK from Germany
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Few things you need to arrange first.

Health insurance. This means you have to do some research to find out if you have to pay it beforehand, or if you are required to have a certain amount of insurance coverage per year; 

Money for tuition and living costs. This may vary depending on your chosen university, the degree program you decided to study in, or, even the region and city in the United Kingdom.

Residence permit. This will have to be renewed every one or two years. So please pay attention to that, and mark it with red in your calendar. You will be able to apply for the residence permit once you get a fixed address in the United Kingdom. Make sure you provide you provide all the required documents and leave enough time to wait for your permit;

Awesome on-campus. Accommodation. You can easily rent an apartment with other students, spend the next years till you are graduated.

 Your Plane ticket. The sooner you book it, the less you will have to pay for it.

Study in the UK from Germany


Top 10 low-cost universities in the UK

10. Bolton University

Bolton university is in the (Greater Manchester) it was established in 2005. And it is also famous for international students as it is a low-cost university; its expenses are also cheap because it is in the outer area. Its fees are near about 10,000 pounds if you are going for an undergraduate course or if you are going for a PG course, then its prices will be 10,500 pounds.

9. Teesside University 

Teesside university is included in the oldest universities of the UK because it was established in 1992. And its fees are genuine, that is 10,000-11,000 pounds, and also it has muscular strength of international students that is 28,000. Still, Teesside university warns you about one thing that is officially mentioned on their website. If you are banned from any university, or you are rejected, then fees will not be refunded in case.

8. Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is in the Staffordshire city it was also established in 1992, and its costs are also genuine, which is 9500-10,000 pounds, which is reasonable. And it is a famous university among international students.

7. Cumbria University 

Cumbria University is not too much old like Staffordshire or Bolton, because it was established in 2007 and its fees are about 10,000 pounds, which is also affordable. Still, one thing is that it has little strength of international students.

6. Buckinghamshire New University

Buckinghamshire university its Rank is 119, though its Rank is deficient, but it is more prevalent among international students, and it has a great strength of international students. And its fees are 11,000-12,000 pounds, which is reasonable, and it is a popular variety it is suitable for national and international students.

5. Bedfordshire University 

Bedfordshire university was established in 2006. Bedfordshire university has an enormous strength of international students, and it provides many varieties of courses that is a good thing for international students, and its fees are reasonable, which is 9,000-10,000 pounds. 

4. Sunderland University 

Sunderland University is included in the oldest universities in the UK. It was established in 1992, and if you apply here for an offer letter, you will get an unconditional offer letter here, which many universities do not offer. Its fees are 9,000-10,000 pounds, which is quite reasonable. 

3. Middlesex University

Middlesex University also provides an unconditional offer letter, and it gives an offer letter in about 7 to 10 days, which is very quick, and its fee is 10,000-12,000 pounds.

2. Northampton University 

Northampton university was established in 2005. And it has a good strength of international students, and it offers an excellent opportunity for low-cost fees which is 7,000 pounds per year but! It will be when you enroll in other programs to accept the Business program. It is a great university if you don’t want to go for a business course.

1.Coventry University

It was established in 1992, and it is the most popular university among international students and offers excellent varieties. Coventry University is Ranked at #33, and its fees are 10,000-11,000 which is quite reasonable, and it is a university that gives you a quality education. 

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